Morocco Tourism Trips

Morocco tourism trips

A vacation company in Morocco with a base in ERG CHEBBI is called Morocco Tourism Trips. Since 2017, we have been performing nationwide tours. Therefore, if you are willing to travel to Morocco, we can design a tour just for you. Additionally, you can select from the pre-made tour itineraries created by our staff.

Why a travel agency for Morocco tourism trips?

Located in the Merzouga desert, a Berber family designed our Morocco tourism trips travel agency. Like in every other nation, residents are more knowledgeable than the travelers who lead tourists. In addition, there are a lot of secrets in our nation that only citizens are aware of. To show you every interesting, historic, and cultural location in the nation, we have a qualified staff of guides and drivers at the ready. In addition, TripAdvisor reviews from our clients rank us among the pioneers of camel rides and overnight stays in nomadic camps.

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6 days tour from Agadir

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Through our customer testimonials, you can learn a lot about our business, Morocco tourism trips. Given that, if you have already taken one of our excursions, we would appreciate hearing from you. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay.
Clara M12/11/2019
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We had a 3-day tour with Morocco Tourism Trips, and it was the nicest experience we've ever had. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip since Mustapha, our guide, thoroughly explained the Berber and Arabic cultures to us, making it feel as though we had actually been to Morocco.
Excellent people, great experience!
Alfred B19/01/2018
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We had the best time ever in Morocco! Hassan and Ali were extremely helpful and kind. They gave us directions about the city and organized a fantastic desert excursion with camels and a jeep that went into the dunes! amazing! They also gave us food and told us stories. We are incredibly appreciative of their hospitality. We would unquestionably advise anyone visiting Morocco to contact these great guys!
Great trip
Mariana D19/01/2018
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departed Marrakech on a three-day journey, spending one night in the Mergouza Berber camp. Great scenery throughout the journey, but spending the night in the desert was undoubtedly the highlight. The camel ride was fantastic, and the camp's male residents were amusing. slept next to the fire, not in the tent, under the stars. Take this tour!

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Discover Morocco in a unique way.

South Africa contains the nation of Morocco. It is known for its varied sceneries. Furthermore, using a travel firm with local staff is the best method to find them. Morocco tourism trips made it simple for you; we are here to respond to your inquiries and create the best itineraries for you.

Begin your experience right now.

With the help of a travel operator for Morocco tourism Trips, you can ride camels deep within the Sahara Desert and take in the beautiful Kasbahs. In conclusion, our goal is to make your trip to Morocco unforgettable.

Begin your experience right now.

With the help of a travel operator for Morocco tourism Trips, you can ride camels deep within the Sahara Desert and take in the beautiful Kasbahs. In conclusion, our goal is to make your trip to Morocco unforgettable.

highlights summary

Merzouga sahara desert

After leaving Erfoud, head south for 14 km (11 miles) to Rissani. From there, continue through the community and head southeast for 40 km (24 miles) to Merzouga. Both the route to Taouz, a southern military border town, and the road to Merzouga have just been asphalted (foreigners cannot cross here). Normall y not asphalted, but well maintained, are the brief access roads (1 or 2 km long) that lead from the main road to the hotels next to the sand dunes. To Hassi Lybed, a little community located approximately 4 kilometers before Merzouga, there is now an asphalt road.

Grand taxi or van fare from Rissani to Merzouga is 10/12dh. Pay 60dh to reserve a grand taxi if you don’t want to wait for other passengers to fill it. A grand taxi can cost up to 100dh if you arrive before sunrise (if you take the 6–7am bus from Fez).

Be wary of tour operators in Rissani or Erfoud who promise to take you to Merzouga for 5 dirham per person but leave you stranded at their auberge 20 kilometers away from the village. It is frequently very challenging (and expensive) to get back to town if you turn down their offers of camel rides and lodging.

You can take a flight from Casablanca to Ouarzazate and then go to Erfoud, Rissani, and Merzouga.

Weekly flights are also available to Errachadia, which is located approximately two hours’ drive north of Merzouga.

Daily journeys by Supra Tour buses from Fez and Marrakech stop in Merzouga hamlet.

The typical tourist cost for a short 5-kilometer journey to one of the adjacent tiny villages, such Hassi Labied, is a pretty high 50 dirhams (overall, not per person). Ahead of daylight, Merzouga may sometimes be reached by nighttime buses that arrive more than an hour early. Be prepared to wait for a cab to arrive if this occurs because there may not be any available.


Fes, the oldest of Morocco’s four “imperial cities” (the others being Marrakech, Meknes, and Rabat), served as the country’s capital on numerous occasions. The most recent of these periods ended in 1912, when Rabat was chosen as the location of the new French colony and most of Morocco came under French rule. After Rabat and Casablanca, Fes is currently Morocco’s third-largest city.

The spiritual capital of Morocco is often referred to as Fes. It was formerly among the most significant academic centers in the world and housed the center of Islamic scholarship. The Institution of Al-Karaouine is the oldest continually running university in the entire globe. It was established in the year 859 AD.

Fes is divided into three sections: Fes el Bali, the old walled city, which dates to the eighth century; Fes-Jdid, the new Fes, which contains the Mellah, or Jewish quarter, which dates to the thirteenth century; and the New Town (the French-created, newest section of Fes, dating from the 20th century).

Fes el Bali’s huge, maze-like medina, which is the largest car-free urban area in the world, is regarded as the Arab region’s best-preserved old city. In 1981, Fes el Bali was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


When you think about Morocco, Marrakech is the first city that springs to mind. Without visiting this city, a journey to Morocco is not complete. Let’s examine what draws people to Marrakech.

Marrakech, also referred to as the Red City, is the second-largest city in Morocco. It is home to about 800,000 people, and the majority of the homes are colored. Medina in Marrakech It is truly a vibrant city full of entertainment, earning the moniker “one of Morocco’s pearls.” Numerous emerging industries and markets are present, and it is a significant economic hub.

Its location at the base of the Atlas Mountains makes it incredibly picturesque. Like many cities in North Africa, it is primarily divided into the medina, an ancient fortified city, and a modern city nearby. With glistening white snowy winters and warm, muggy summers, the city enjoys a wonderful climate. The residents are renowned throughout the world for their friendliness and warmth.


The largest city in Morocco, Casablanca, is situated on the Atlantic Ocean and was designed after Marseilles by the French in the 1920s. It serves as both the main naval facility and the region’s capital for the Greater Casablanca area.

However, it is not the nation’s administrative or political center. The Moroccan Utile, the most fertile region of Morocco and a significant source of mineral richness, is where Casablanca City is located. One of the busiest ports in the Maghreb is there.

Since it was a French protectorate, it has expanded quickly, becoming significantly larger than Marseilles. It seems like any other European city, so don’t try to imagine anything when you’re planning a trip to Morocco. For you, that would be an incredible visit.