Is it safe to visit Marrakesh?

Is it safe to visit Marrakesh

Since the deaths of two young women tourists, Marrakesh has gotten some bad press, even though it is one of the most visited cities in the world. Many would-be tourists now second-guess themselves about visiting Marrakesh due to security concerns. Is it safe to assume that tourists from other countries will not be threatened in the Red City? So, what should you keep in mind to ensure your safety?

When I first saw Marrakech, I was filled with equal parts wonder and trepidation. We arrived late in the evening, and the neighborhood where we stayed seemed a little rundown. Young people were out and about, playing in the streets, and small groups of young guys could be seen milling about. When we stepped out of the car, everyone looked at us.

Can a woman safely visit Marrakesh?

Women traveling alone can feel safe exploring Marrakech. The locals of Marrakesh are extremely friendly and will go out of their way to ensure that you have a wonderful time in their city. It is recommended that women in Morocco dress conservatively. Moreover, it ventures out at night unaccompanied because of the country’s still-strong conservatism. To blend in with the locals in Marrakesh or anywhere else in Morocco. It’s also best to wear clothes that cover you well without being too revealing.

Consider items such as kurtas, long skirts, jeans, and joggers. To add to that, you should probably wear a scarf most of the time. Although these measures can help, the security of women traveling alone in Marrakesh cannot be guaranteed.

If you’re a woman traveling alone in Marrakesh, you should politely decline any offers of assistance or tours from strangers. Hotels and Riads outside of the medina tend to be quite isolated, especially at night, whereas the medina itself is usually quite crowded. Hotel locations should be in busy areas so that you can avoid walking alone late at night. Avoid getting lost and staying out too late unless you are familiar with the area. Additionally, it is a good idea to have a companion or locals with you.

Is it safe for LGBTQIA+ travelers to travel to Marrakesh?

Although my sexual orientation is that of a heterosexual, we have had conversations with people of other orientations. It is also good to have compiled information that may be useful to you. Men who identify as gay are technically breaking the law in Morocco. However, as many message boards and Facebook pages attest. The law in Morocco is not particularly harsh when it comes to homosexuality. You may be surprised to learn that homosexuality is an established and accepted part of Moroccan society. For the LGBTQIA+ community, Marrakesh is widely regarded as the most acceptable location in all of Morocco. The large population of gay and lesbian foreigners, many of them French, may be responsible for this.

Is there LGBTQ clubs in Marrakesh?

Marrakesh does not have any pride parades or gay clubs. However, there are a few places that the city’s LGBTQ community is known to frequent.

When it comes to the LGBTQIA community, Tangier used to be very accepting, but times have changed. Meanwhile, Agadir is quickly becoming one of Morocco’s most popular tourist destinations, and it’s welcoming to the LGBT community. Despite these facts, queer people visiting Marrakech, or anywhere else in Morocco, should exercise caution. Determine how the locals feel about homosexuality through conversation and adjust your behavior accordingly. Also, remember that sex outside of marriage is generally frowned upon in Morocco. Therefore it can be difficult for some unmarried straight couples to book a room in Marrakesh or elsewhere in the country.

The owners of most hotels and riads, however, are much more tolerant of such behavior when it comes from visitors from abroad. Shows of affection in public between partners, whether they are gay or straight, are often frowned upon. Even though Morocco has a reputation for being one of Africa’s most tolerant nations toward the LGBTQIA community, visitors should still exercise caution.

Can I feel comfortable taking my family to Marrakesh?

If you’re traveling with kids in Morocco, you should consider staying in Marrakesh.

The importance of family in Morocco cannot be overstated. Everywhere you go in Morocco, you’ll see that all people love and value children. They are also very important members of the community.

It’s possible that a trip to Morocco with your family will be more enjoyable than a similar one with just you and your significant other. That’s because kids are really important in Morocco. Also, kids have a way of breaking the ice with the locals, which can lead to some lovely conversations and a deeper appreciation for the culture.

When you travel to Morocco with children, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about being targeted or scammed. However, children may find Marrakesh too stimulating, with its many markets, sounds, and sights. In order to fully enjoy your day in Marrakech with kids, it’s best to take it easy and not rush.

It’s important to take it easy from noon until 3 or 4 p.m. When the sun is at its peak intensity, it can easily tire out kids. Also, it makes sure they’re well-hydrated and covered up.

Is it safe to drive in Marrakesh?

Though Marrakesh drivers are generally safe and respectful of other road users, accidents are common.

Try to get around Marrakesh on foot or by public transportation rather than by car. Given that Marrakech is not a huge metropolis, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue anyway.

Petit taxis, as opposed to grand taxis, are the way to go if you need a ride in Marrakech. Grand taxis are usually old, beat-up cars that don’t have AC. The smaller cars are much more modern and secure. Also, you should settle on the taxi fare before you leave. It is standard practice for drivers in and around Marrakesh to charge tourists more than the going rate. Select taxis with working meters to avoid this, or have your hotel or riad put you in touch with a reliable driver.

Is street food safe in Marrakesh?

As is when traveling to any new country, it is usually advisable to proceed toward street food with caution.

A number of factors might not sit well with your stomach – whether it is the use of too much oil, stale food, bad water, or too many spices in the food.

Though the street foods from Morocco – especially in Marrakesh in parts like Jemaa el Fena – is an experience worth having. It is also important to know what works for your stomach and what does not.

Food poisoning may not be uncommon, so make sure you have an emergency medical kit handy if you would like to venture out with street food in Marrakech.

But apart from street food, the restaurants and cafes in Marrakech serve delicious, hygienic meals which seldom go wrong.

So in case you have a weak gut or are unsure of how your body might take the street food, consider eating at restaurants and cafes instead.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Marrakesh?

The majority of locals in Morocco, including those in Marrakesh, typically consume tap water.

Marrakesh’s tap water may not be suitable for all stomachs, especially if you are not a frequent traveler. Moreover, your body cannot tolerate changing water too often. Even though the locals have been drinking it their whole lives and have developed a tolerance to the pathogens it contains.

Where there are fewer people and fewer contaminants, such as in the Atlas Mountains, the water from the tap may still be safe to drink.

However, the closer you are to a city — like Marrakesh, the more likely the water is polluted and/or treated with chemicals. Most people will suggest consuming bottled water to alleviate this issue, but doing so comes with environmental costs.

To avoid drinking potentially harmful water, it is best to carry around a filtered water bottle, like the LifeStraw Bottle, which can purify water on the go.

Even though it’s not necessarily unsafe to drink tap water in Marrakesh. It’s important to keep in mind that your body may not adjust well to sudden change.

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